Academic Director’s Message

Dr. Satyanarayana G, MCA, Ph.D.,

MISTE, MIAENG, MIACSIT, MCSTA, MSDIWC, MAPACALL. He is a scholar who is skilled in academic disputation, member in different national and international societies and worked for various national  and international  universities. His dedication combined with technical education and dynamic approach to increase the leadership qualities among the students for the growth of the society.

We are Empowering our students as high quality professionals to overcome the challenges faced by the enterprises due to globalization and liberalization process. To achieve this, and based on very encouraging feedback from various stakeholders, the college has reasonably equipped necessary facilities to empower the students with a touch of industrial applications. This has generated sufficient enthusiasm amongst them. As the Director of this esteemed organization I extend my support to the students and the faculty to bring up future leaders.