Well furnished and computerized library is one of the strength of our institute. It abundantly stocked latest books from Indian and foreign authors, National & International Journals, Magazines, CDs and News papers to the Multi Dimensional aspects of Technical Education. The library facility is available for 12 hours,

during the semesters 14 hours and 18 hours during examination period. The library is spread over an area of 5000 sq.ft. Also DELL-NET facility is available in the

library. The institute also has digital library with about 6000 e-journals, e-books etc. The Mission of the Central Library is to priovide information services and access to bibilographical and full text digital and printed resources to the scholarly and informational needs of the Institute user community.

Library OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue:

1) OPAC provides the access to the KITS Library database.

2) OPAC allows the users to know the library collection and the status of the Library document.

3) OPAC allows the users to search the database by Title, Author, Call Number, Accession

   Number of the document/book.

4) User can access KITS Online Public Access Catalogue from any computer connected to the KITS- LAN