Humanities and Science


About Department:

The Humanities and Sciences Department is an ancillary department headed by Mr. N. Ramesh , Associate Professor. The department plays a major role in and it is the first step to the students in shaping their career which includes not only in technology but also in science and language skills. It is aiding to conduct the specialized courses in its domain offered as a part of the curricular of other main branches of specializations. The burgeoning importance placed on oral communication skills by the employers has been echoed internationally for over a decade across all disciplines. The curriculum of B.Tech first year offers courses in Mathematics, English Language Communication Skills, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. The department had conducted environmental tours which enhance the students for further industrial tours. Majority of the subjects offered to the first year students are from Humanities and Sciences Department. The department has provided spacious and well stocked state-of-the-art library. The Department is not only helping the students to improve their knowledge but also improving the  technical know-how which are equally  important and these are presented with an excellent standard of communication skills particularly oral.  KITS addresses to this requirement in full, with well established languages and communication skills laboratories, well equipped physics and Chemistry laboratories enriched with experienced talent and young intelligentsia.  

The Department of Humanities & Sciences signifies a conscious and committed effort to leverage education as a means of empowerment of youth. The department is successful in creating awareness thus enabling the students to assert their individuality and intellectual capacity, economic independence, social standing and to strive in building a progressive nation. The department looks into the consolidation of attendance and the session marks of the first years and maintains the Parents – Institution Communications for the first year B.Tech Students.

The Department is actively doing the NSS activities. It aims in arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service behind which lies the cardinal principle of inculcating the spirit of being instrumental in nation building through combined participation in community service. Our department has conducted some of the following programmes.