Principal’s Message

Kits Vijay Principal 20190108_111936 (1)

                           Dr. D. VijayKumar, Ph.D.

The Competitive and challenging world is defined by the fast poaced changes in technology which advancing by leaps and bounds to make the world a global village. We at KITS: stimulate “Apparently Ordinary” to unsual effort, ensure the conditions for learning, Imart genuine values, awaken the natural curiosity. KITS is the embodiment of the true spirit of education – providing opportunities to women to observe, explore and experiment. We help our students to identify their true potential and ealize it through consistent effort preservance and single – minded devotation. The emphasis of our college is not only on producing academically high achievers, but also good human beings – confiedent, compassionate, selfmotivated and responsible.  The receipient of many best teacher awards and fellowships to his credit.He worked as a Professor in various National & International universities. He is an acclaimed Academician with over 25 years of teaching experience. He published  several papers in National & International Journals and Guided many students on various research projects.