Chairman DESK

Dr. Neela Satyanarayana, M.A, B.Li.Sc

I invite you to explore our Prospectus and Information Brochure and see for yourself the many resources available that makes KITS unique. All progressive organizations are born from the dreams, creative ideas and leadership of certain dedicated intellectual minds; Sixteen year ago a group of professionals with different educational background sat together and began a most ambitious program of philanthropy, something that can contribute towards development and growth of society. Our endeavor is to make this part of the training India amply develops in all the states of education and employment. All the students those who join KITS shall remain our precious possession and will go out to meet  the challenges of the true world in the right prospective.

He is an industrialist and Chairman of Kakatiya Educational Society. Lover of Education and fond of Books. It is with his yeomen’s service that this institution has reached the heights. He is constant inspiration for the staff and students of the institution.

He strongly believed that education is fundamental to the development and growth of any individual. He aims at empowering women engineers globally, who play a crucial role in shaping the character of a child and lay the foundation to morals and values that a child carries throughout their life. He believed that each student comes with a different set of experiences, values, needs, goals and ideas that differentiate them from each other. He stressed the importance of having dedicated, sincere and knowledgeable faculty who put their heart and soul in grooming the student abilities, skills and talent.

With Regards