Research & Development

Reserch and Development

Research is the back bone of any academic institution. Research and Development is very essential for innovative experimentation of the knowledge acquired from the books. The growth of the academic institution is measured by the research oriented faculties that are working in the institution.

Faculty and students are motivated to write and publish research articles in various International and National journals. R&D cell also encourages the faculty and students to participate in various International/National conferences, workshops, and seminars etc.,

Functions of the R&D Cell

  • Identify the new and emerging areas in engineering research and motivate faculty and students carry out research in those areas and help them to identify the funding agencies that support their research/projects.
  • A research and development cell is responsible for innovations in technical and managerial pedagogies. This R & D is creating innovative application of ideas to keep institute a step ahead in the competition. Many institutes are also relying on the R&D cell to explore new ways of professional education.
  • Interact with prominent research institutes and industry for collaborative research projects.
  • Institute is thriving to succeed by creating quality education as well as by increasing institute’s credibility through cost-efficient methods. In this process our research and development cell is primarily responsible for ensuring that these activities are met.
  • Research and development works closely with the interdisciplinary approach which is lined with latest trends by surveying and researching student’s demands, imparting modern methods and the existence of technology across the relevant social requirements. The research and development cell gathers all the data, and makes this information available to the analysis, which will take action in response to the findings and proceed to keep the institute on top of current social needs.
  • Form research groups in every department to have a meaningful research contribution by the faculty and students.

Composition of R&D Committee

1 Dr. B. NARESH REDDY Associate Professor Reasearch & Teaching
2 Dr. B. SHIVAJI Assistant Professor Reasearch & Teaching
3 M. VIJETHA Assistant Professor Reasearch & Teaching