Sri. Vuppala Satyanarayana, M.A. 

The Field of Engineering is evolving rapidly and offers myriad challenges across inter disciplinary domain. To keep up with the fast changing nature of engineering, the college invests in renewal and transformation so as to live rage our culture and tradition of excellence in education and research. We review and refocus our efforts in order to continuously bring the best possible, relevant and robust education to our students. Our students are prepared for broad educational background and skills that allow them to be creative, entrepreneurial leader and move among variety of careers and disciplines.

We at our institute believe that learning is a lifelong process and encourage learning in every form. Simply put, we believe engineers create, design and provide solutions to day to day problems. We encourage research and entrepreneurship and hence started emphasizing on practical knowledge in addition to expertise in the subject.

We want every student of our college to stand on her own, confident enough to lead an independent life while contributing her bit of the society. Inventiveness, flexibility, adaptability and soft skills are the drivers of the future employability which we strive to inculcate these skills in the students. Education is an empowering process that guides students to develop their passions, critical thinking, compassion, and wisdom for timely action.

With Regards,